Wednesday, 3 August 2016

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We offer cost-effective quality assurance (QA) & application testing services for your organization. Our managed testing offfering involves us taking complete ownership and control of your test activities, for a fully integrated end-to-end solution.

This is a solution particularly well-suited to new organizations, businesses looking to revamp their application quality, or those simply wanting to outsource the management of testing their software application quality.

We take full responsibility for your application quality testing through the following two different kinds of business model:

    1. Our consultants come to your premises and integrate with your software development teams to execute project delivery.
    2. Our consultants work on our premises.

Both models have different costs associated with them.

We use the latest technologies to improve the process and mechanisms of testing your application’s quality.

We have in-depth expertise in testing tools, Agile management tools, defect management tools and test automation.

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